Sunday, February 26, 2012

120225 Dancing Fingers

hahaha. my blog post title is so creative, praise me please. HAHA. it's rare to have weird names like this as my title. Anyhow, I went to this Piano Competition finale at Gurney Plaza yesterday, to support Melvin and Dexter. 

As you guys know, Melvin is my friend ever since primary school. lol. of course gotta support yo!

here's the link of Melvin playing:

This is his brother Dexter. 
and all these below is Melvin.

Melvin and I

met Fione as well. Me, Melvin, Dexter and Fione.

then, I had lunch at Sushi Tei with Dillan. no pics of Dillan. lol

I wanted to eat my favourite Unagi Special Roll but gahhh, I was eating on my own only, obviously cant finish so I didnt order..


Nath said...

ahem, is the brother single? =X
I actually thought it's gonna be some interesting dance using fingers via youtube.
You should have shared the songs they played. It will be great :D

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

haha er, I'm not sure. heh.

just updated the links! at the top of the post! :D