Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Babies; Cristina Fernandez Lee, Aleyna Yilmaz, Leo Recipon William, Lauren Lunde

Previously I posted about Lauren Lunde, the baby from Hello Baby Season 5 with MBLAQ, then few days ago, I found this cute show called Real Kids Story Rainbow where all mixed children are gathered together for a show. too bad I cant find subtitles to watch them. but omg these kids are way too pretty.

I cannot resist to NOT blog this. lol.
Firstly, Cristina Fernandez Lee born in 2005, korean-spanish. look at her. so pretty and elegant. 

that's Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle born in 2006 (korean-american) , kinda like her little boyfriend in the show. so adorable. 

next, Aleyna Yilmaz. (born in 2006)
She likes Daniel too, that boy above, but too bad he kinda only have eyes for Cristina. LOL.
Aleyna is korean-turkish. She's a different kind of beauty. You will get what I mean when you see her.

kyaaaaaa so cuteeeee.

Let's proceed to Leo Recipon William. you can youtube him anytime, there are some home videos that are posted up on youtube. I think by his dad. haha
He's also one of the babies on Hello Baby. he's so naughty like seriously. lol. so I cant really really love him. LOL
Korean-french born in 2008.
Just like Lauren, he's got so many clothes endorsements and magazines shoots that it's almost impossible to not see them. lol.

 I think most people on tumblr have seen this photo before, of him holding this coffee cup. Yes, it's Leo!!!!!!

he's so cuteeeeee adshakjfshaskjdhsakj.

I wanted to end this post already but no harm posting more of Lauren. my favourite baby! People who love koreans and babies should watch Hello Baby. LOL
She's such a little princess with her manners and all on the show. When DaYoung was sad, she even felt bad for her. and she was so kind to hold her hand and be friends with her. 

Lauren Lunde born in 2008. Korean Canadian.

I want to have a baby like them!!!!


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elis luvgeunscouple said...

daniel is a player. he has many girls...at his school..he has 2 girls....he also in love with seromi n aleyna at the end n ignore christina...lol...thats a kid...they change easily