Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Michael Kors

-In the mood of typing so I think this post will be long. it's up to you to read or not.-

It's really hard to take a nice picture of this watch cause it's so black and dark. LOL 
and serious, there's notglow-in-the-dark luminosity on the hands of the watch. 
it's okay, it doesn't matter, I still love you watch. 

Okay, I wanted a Michael Kors watch ever since months ago way before I went to US. and I started browsing the watches online at home, at malls, everywhere. 
I couldn't bring myself to buy it cause it's just expensive and I wasn't sure if I needed an expensive watch. lol. plus I couldn't decide on which to buy.

I went back so many times to the Michael Kors at Walden Galleria and I've always asked to try the two-tone watches. Until one day, this guy, oh wait, let me say something, I don't know is it coincidence or what, but the people working in the shop are the most gorgeous people ever. They look like super models. 

Anyway, back to how I chose my watch. So, until one day, this guy, a blue-eyed handsome man asked me to try this one on and started telling me about the swarovski black crystals around it. yup those rectangle thingy you see in the pic. I put it on and omggg so niceee. 
There was a bigger men version and he told me about how he wanted to buy that one too. 

I asked about whether the crystals will fall out or not, I know there's warranty but there's no Michael Kors in Penang, and it's gonna be so ma fan. and he showed me the watch he was wearing and my god, that is the most blingified, crystal shining watch I've ever seen in real life. It's white and silver and crystals all over it. He said he has been wearing it for two years or so and it looks pretty new still. ( This info is crucial on how I meet this guy again somewhere else.) 

So, I bought it straightaway. I know right. that's so omg impulse buying. but thank god no regrets and no worries also la. it's returnable. lol! anyway, when I took out cash and paid for it, I swear I was trying to push back the thought of I'm insane. LOL. I rarely buy make expensive choices without thinking twice. 

okay anyway, went home adored the watch and that's that. 

the free fragrance thingy they gave me together with the watch.

so, remember the crucial info above? 
after maybe a week or two, I went to Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls with Ian, Cha Nee, Wan Ling and Eugene. bear with me, I'm inserting as much info as possible cause my blog is supposed to be my memory when I get old and read back. lol. 
We went to Esprit and guess what. I saw that guy who sold me the watch!! how comeeee?! So I guess he works at both places at once. I thought it's just two angmo looking alike cause you lah, they look almost the same with brown hair blue eyes. then, I saw that shiniest blingfied crystalised watch and hello. that's him!!

He looked at me for like one second and back to do his own stuff. okay maybe I perasan that he looked at me, but the thing is how many asians you sold your watch to and he even asked me whether my eye colour was real or not at that time. fine, maybe he doesn't remember me. hahahah. or maybe he saw that watch  I was wearing so he remembers. but anyhow, it's just a small funny story that happened. 


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