Monday, March 05, 2012

120128 Coffee Island

ahhh I'm so sleepy now. I promised to blog everyday while don't slack on studies while keeping up with a large amount of tv shows while reading the Hunger Games trilogy. LOL.

It's so good whenever I read the books I don't even want to sleep and hence sleeping late which brings A LOT of pimples on my face. sigh


These were photos from the hang out dated above. with Melvin, Jonathan, Jia Yi and Melissa. 

we ate dinner at Northam Beach Cafe.

I love Melvin's casing!

our gatheringg which happens only a few times in a year depending on when everyone is in Penang and free at the same time. haha

Melissa and I.

Jia Yi and I. 

Melissa and Jonathan

all of us!

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