Monday, March 26, 2012

Random Photos

a really longgg post! all the photos emptied from my phone is going up here :D

a cute little note Helena sent me on Valentines Day!

 my favourite tofu! claypot tofu!! <3

 red wine pumps.

 the chicken I made, first time cooking after I came back.

 tom yam tom yam cravings!


 I love food with salad dressing!

Doraemon Monopoly! anyone played this when they were young? :D

Tommy Hilfiger bag, Abercrombie&Fitch top and bottom :D

 see the jacket I wore above? in the pic with specs on. I bought it for 9usd over there and spotted it here in F21.... RM89.

Shin Ramen!

 Alor Star. took these during CNY

with Shindee

 hello sister! check out her blog here

wantan mee.
my accessories from USA.

sister and I

I wish I'm less chubby, really. zz. one can not look like this forever.

airplane food. this was one of the yummiest. especially the brownie omg.

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Nath said...

that's a lot of sinful chocolate >.<