Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random Photos

 snow storm the morning I was leaving.

 all the domokun stuff! :D

 during Alvin's birthday! we went to Seneca Niagara Casino for buffet lunch.

 the casino. hehehe

 my problematic fried rice. haha but it tasted good.


 :P the abercrombie & fitch hotties. seriously, every store. they look so gooddd!

 dinner at Denny's with Ian.

should have bought this! the outlet was selling it for around 35usd only whereas the website is selling it for 58usd. 

 the chicken ZheSen baked. awesomeeee.

 the night we went to watch Mission Impossible 4 at AMC.

 cold cold weather I miss. :/

 Cheesecake Factory at Walden. BEST EVER.
tried both Godiva Chocolate Cheese Cake and also Hershey's. the one in the pic below.

so tempted to buy this. 50usd. 

 NSC building.

 restrooms at Lockwood library.

 can someone explain to me why every public toilet in USA have gaps?!? it's like if you really wanna peek, you can actually see. lol
of course, you will also know if there's anyone inside.

 texting at the gas station right beside. omg. lol.

 so prettyyy the fitting room.

 at BMall Macy's with Eunice. she was shopping for boots.
I love boots! I wish we have winter over here :(

 Michael Kors boots.

 Eunice bought the black one! Coach boots.
I like the brown onee.
and also my old Nike which got so worn out. :(

Salmon Miso at Cheesecake Factory.

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