Thursday, April 26, 2012

120301 Manhattan Fish Market

For this upcoming blog post, I actually made a video combined with some other videos. It was a media project on my video editor and crap, when I updated the video editor, the halfway done video project can't be opened anyway.....
Then, I lost all my motivation to make that video. LOL. sorry, maybe some other time.

There are 39 photos below. lol. Starting with our lunch at Manhattan Fish Market with classmates.

The mushroom soup that came along with the set. :)
LayKiew and Lion

okay, forgot what's the name of this already. It's Carlyn's. Aglio Olio?

Nom nom-ing

This is minee!

LayKiew and Lion.
spamming my phone with their photos which I then zipped and email-ed to them. LOL

Carlyn's selca.


yeah posing with the specs.

my accessories.

Carlyn trying on the shoes at Forever21.

at Material.

star top I got at F21 in Buffalo.

haha Carlyn

Lion and I.

Carlyn and I.

hahah with Carlyn's engraved pencil.

At Chatime enjoying Strawberry Pudding Au Lait. <3 long gone since a year and finally found it on the menu again.

our pencils bought using the RM200 voucher from the government.

Ending this post now.

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