Sunday, April 22, 2012

120421 21st on 21st

Hmm. so, my 21st birthday. Surprised that I blog so fast eyy? 
lol. I've decided that my plan to update all old blog posts then only update new ones is not working. It's piling up like a mountain. 
So, I guess birthday deserves a timely post. OMG timely. I used Systems's Useful information characteristic.. -.-
Yep. Had two mid term exams yesterday, on my birthday. Made me so tired, emo, down, and exam was so tough everyone's face was literally green after that. sigh.

Goodbye flowcharts, ERM, DFD, don't wanna see you guys ever again. 
warning: there will be a lot photos of me :O

 Mum, dad and I went to Nippon Yataimura at Queensbay. Sister went to her friend's party instead.

 totally enjoyable meal!!!!! haha. 

 I wished I bought all colours of this H&M bag. so cheap and convenient. :(

 so, back at home!
Parents bought my favourite Chocolate Indulgence Secret Recipe cake! 
so bigggg. haha. and thick!

I hate cream but this cake's cream. I think it's not cream. or it is? but it's definitely not those disgusting creamy cream. tastes like ice cream. haha and chocolate and melts in your mouth. 
No words written because I didn't wanna ruin the taste of the cake. LOLLLL

 and sister got home tooo. 

That's for all. After cake cutting and cake eating, 
spent the night watching Strong Heart and Big Bang Theory. 
Didn't celebrate and even warned off surprise on April 20th night too cause was too busy munching books for exams. sigh. 
but then! Denise my babyyy and Evan came to surprise me around 11.30pm.
Thought she was gonna sing me birthday song instead she asked me to open the door. hahah.

 and I saw her with a candle lit cake. haha <3


and Daddy got me a golden 21 key. 21 is my favourite number! cause it's my birthdate and also many coincidences with the number.

Mummy and I went shopping and she got me clothes and shorts. happy! :D

That's for all. 

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Anonymous said...

Wah i like that key. Was about to say keychain lol