Monday, April 23, 2012


Class cancelled today so, Carlyn, LayKiew and I went and watched the Battleship movie. When I saw the word Hasbro then only I realised that it is from my favourite game Battleship!

Lion joined us for lunch earlier, Lion I mean Yee Ching. I think I should start using her real name. hahah. but she watched Battleship yesterday already so she did not join us for the movie. I will post the pics maybe in the next post. Haven't put em in my computer yet.

So, this movie. don't worry. no spoilers. just that the alien scene for me was pretty scary. lolll.

Oh and we watched this in 2D, meaning more high definition, clearer. Totally felt worth it when we see everything so clear without noise on the cinema screen. awesome. :D
it was RM8 student price so it's okay. normal price RM7.

I'm really putting effort to be a more hardworking blogger. LOL.
then again, I keep thinking should I post every photo I post to Instagram on blogger everytime? Yes? No? hmm..

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