Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Daily Rants

Firstly, gonna post two songs I listened today.

This is Vanness's collaboration with 2PM JunHo! JunHo's mandarin is not that bad. haha. and it's a kinda nice song :D

and the biggest family in korean entertainment - SM Town. I wish they actually show this I AM movie here in Malaysia but pretty impossible :/
Anyway, looking at the mv is nicee, how they grew and work hard til today.
Super Junior was the first kpop group I like in 2007 <3


A pic from today!

Also, everyone should watch Love Rain!!
Although the first four episodes might be slow and boring, cause it's the story about their parents, in the 60s or was that 70s. Anyway, starting from ep5, it's fast paced and nice! <3 so cute and lovelyyyyyy!
but a lot of people liked the melodrama, slow, beautifully directed traditional scenes too.
Especially the colour of this drama. thumbs up!

I want to avoid spamming with a lot of Love Rain photos so I will attach a few here only.

<3 <3 <3 random random photos.

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