Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday, I bugged mummy to go out with me for the whole day and finally at night, we went to Queensbay. lol. Sister stayed at home because she had to prepare for her ongoing exams. 
Anyway, no pics of my mummy, not like everyone else who posted here and there, cause I don't really reveal family members on my blog. LOL LOL. except my sis and cousins. 

I'm leaving my fringe long as you can see below, lol it's really irritating but I'm trying to "hang in there" just to see if it's nice or not. 
Alright, two photos below, more updates to come cause I'm kinda free now. No more assignments and tests. Just one more lab test. and about time to study for finals but kinda living in denial for the moment. haha. 

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