Monday, May 14, 2012


Quick blog introducing a very cute music video of the song cover of Fun-We Are Young by Tiffany Alvord, Alex Goot and Luke Conard. the music video is so amazing, no idea how they did that!

And today is ridiculous. I have a class at 1pm. So I reached INTI at 1245 looking for parking. and no surprise there wasn't any and the cars coming into the parking lot is non-stop literally. As usual, a war zone. But I guess today my luck is really sucky, I waited for 45 minutes. YUP, you read that right. I was already pissed at 1.15ppm because I'm gonna miss Carlyn's presentation and I'm really running late. Everytime I see a spot, someone gets there earlier. or it was reserved for some friend or whatever, seriously. I got frustrated and gave up after 45 minutes. Hence, I didn't go to class. Please forgive me. sigh. RIDICULOUS.

If Inti cant fix the parking space problem, at least fix the wifi? wifi still sucks. gahhh.

on a sidenote, I caught up on Big Bang Theory till the latest episode and regret instantly cause I don't have anymore sitcoms to watch when I'm free. and then Ui Tee introduced me Community. I finished Season 1, it was okay. kinda epic kind of funny too. lol.

but really, Modern Family is one of the most amazing sitcoms for me and my mum. :D

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