Sunday, June 10, 2012

120311 Sushi Tei

I really feel so embarassed. Got bloggers update so old eh posts eh mehhh. LOL. (refers to the date....) 

okay, so as far as my memory brings me. It was the day I went there with my family just because since it opened here, we haven't been there yet. I always go to Sushi Tei when I'm in KL for the Special Unagi Roll but somehow, the one in Gurney is less fresh.. I'm not sure whether it's just pure unlucky or what. lol. 

 yay! my favourite Unagi rolls.

 while posting this, I'm feeling really hungry already :S

 this maroon J.Crew long sleeve was such a good buy. lol. so comfortable okay! and guess how much it costs.
9USD. I know right. It's J.Crew on Thanksgiving. plus plain shirts there are really cheap somehow. 

and pics from previous day. 

Paul Frank sweater, which also very paiseh to say, it was more loosely fit when I was in US.
It only means that I gained weight when I came back. STRESS. I don't even know why I was thinner there. 
I used to hold a tub of Ben and Jerry's and eat while watching series. go imagine. probably oily food here or something. zzz. 

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