Wednesday, July 11, 2012

120526 Ai-Lynn's Birthday

Proud to say I'm catching up on my blog posts. teehee. 
I'm starting classes next week and I have classes FOUR DAYS IN A WEEK. crap. I seriously missed those days where there are only 2 school days in a week. 
sigh. There are so many last offer subjects that I can't even adjust my subjects to reduce the days. emo. 

Okay, so here comes my classmate since TAFE days, Ai-Lynn's 21st birthday!
She invited us to her house for steamboat :D
While I'm typing this, I'm feeling hungry. Recently, I've been sleeping really late like 2am,3am,4am,5am and that is so not me. lol. somehow I really messed up my sleeping time like in Buffalo days. and my skin started to react, pimples, dark circles and weight gain. 
Really, if you sleep early, you dont gain weight so easily. Trust me on this. 

okay how did I sidetrack...
Back to this.
Here are the photos we took. We had so much laughs about piku. Read below. 

 LayKiew, Sheralyn, Carlyn. Time flies, it's weird how long I've been classmates with them and you guys probably see them a lot on my blog. Here's the weird thing. I don't take a lot of photos when I'm out with those so called brothers of mine. hmm. no, I know why, they dont like to take photos. lolll

 Ai-Lynn's birthday cake!

 all of us. 
Lion and I. Lion who just left to Curtin in Perth  last week.

 our light drawing!

 these are erm lip gloss and moisturiser if I'm not mistaken. Lion keeps saying it's Ai-Lynn's piku. hahahah

so that's all!
I'm gonna go sleep now. and schedule this post for tomorrow night! :D

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