Tuesday, July 17, 2012

120609 After Exams

My exam finished on June 8th so we went out the next day! like finally, no idea how much stress I had during exams, got my results and I guess it was worth it. hehe :)

Pics below!

sister came to Gurney too. To meet her friends.

after saying goodbye to sis, Clement and I went to Chatime. Bought two drinks.
Strawberry Pudding Au Lait and Mango Red Tea.
Red Tea tastes better than green tea and it's not on the menu. haha

the tiny thingies we folded. I don't remember how already. hahaha

then we went to Sushi king for some sushi and ramen.
totally bloated I remember. haha

oh yeah, we watched Men In Black 3 too. This guy watched for the second time tho. hahahhah 
After that, we went to his bar Magic 1 for a drink and that night we went to Straits Quay to meet up with Jan  too for Euro Cup first game.
I still remember Jan's frustration when Holland lost. 

Vodka Lemonade at Magic 1. 
I never tasted such nice Vodka. hahah wheeee 

 Clement and SzeJan! 

 Healy Macs at Straits Quay

Clement's watch and my H&M Bracelet. best buy ever. Got it in NYC without tax and for 5usd. Should have bought the black one too.


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