Thursday, July 26, 2012

120620 Passions of Kerala

This was the day I just recovered from my super crazy sickness and went out with them. 
I'm so glad I did tho, haha how often can all of us gather at the same place!
Don't expect prettily posed photos because all the photos are kinda crazy. haha

candid shots


QiSung and Chuen

Alvin and XunXian


Park Ji Sung and Lee Chong Wei. HAHAHHA

okay, hungry again hungryyy! I remember I couldn't eat much because I was just recovering. SAD.

haha I really like this photo tho.

all of us without Cle. 

all weird.

show Jan this photo one month after they are gone, then make him cry. correct.

Xunxian busying with dotdotdot.

muscleChuen and I


we went Precint 10 Snow House after that, I'm not really into this kind of things tho.....

I don't want them to go back :( 

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Elena said...

I like your blog and these photos :)

Hope you'll visit me, I will be really greteful :)
Lots of kisses, Elena