Friday, July 20, 2012

120716 With ChunYang

Finally, I've decided against posting my blog posts chronologically, because face it, I will never catch up to date. hahaha. 
So might as well update the latest ones first and proceed back if I have time. 
This way, I will not forget the details. 
but this is still a scheduled post. lol lol. Schedule posts whenever I have inspiration is totally my thing. 
Okay here we go. 
ChunYang finally came back from UK last Saturday night. So, we went out on Monday and our plan was to head over to China House which very unfortunately, we are totally not fated to. Circled the area for three rounds still no parking, meh. I was starving so whatever we gave up and went to Piknik instead. 

Here's the ring I bought last week. Bought it with three other rings chosen by sister and I. It was so cheapppp. RM6 each and buy three free one means we got four rings for RM18 only. NICEEE.
Will post up the rest of the rings in the next post. 
I call this my vampire ring now, you know like Damon's and Stefan's big rings.

both CYs with dimples :D
okay gone case, everyone knows my teeth shifted since years back I was too lazy to wear retainer and now it just won't go back to where it was before. *points pic above

pattern cheh cheh. I'm gonna combine these into a gif for gifboom, but really, gifboom app on Android sucks. Crashes a thousand times or loads slow like a snail. And also, the photos aren't in folders for you to choose and I don't have the patience to scroll all the way to the bottom of thousands of photos in my phone so yeah.
Update your app pleaseeeee gifboom.

 kinda nice and comfy place but I think the environment and atmosphere is really nicer at night. 
Came here at night once for drinks and games.

 our drinks.

 First, garlic fried rice. it's so niceeeeeeeeeeeeee. Fried rice lover, meaning me rates it 8.5/10.

 okay this one is way beyond epicness of epic of epic of epic. hahahha
Salmon Waffle. I was a bit skeptic about it when I saw people suggesting on Foursquare to eat this because I thought, okay Salmon and Waffle, how awesome can it be. I've always loved peanut butter and chocolate waffle anyway.
But because of the lack of choice on the menu, I ordered this.
AND OH MY, it was amazing. I'm totally not exaggerating, it was that good. 
Salmon totally soft and fresh, the waffle and all the ingredients combined. woooshhh.
Seriously, try it! and this photo got 90smth likes on my instagram. LLOL

 alright, then, we went to Gurney Plaza because he wants to see if there were any changes and we walked to Paragon under the hot sun too. it's okay, now he knows Paragon is empty. lol.

 okay wait, I didn't take a photo of our Gelatomio Ice Cream.......

 haha testing out my phone, and look my sweet mint green casing. hahahhaha. still in love with it. 

then, dinner time! we went to Asia Cafe for the Raja Uda TomYam Mee!
I had tomyam mee the previous week and woke up with stomachache. This time also -___-
Maybe I'm too unhealthy recently I can't handle any tomyam in me. 

I'm hungry again now. Typing this at night. Scheduling it for tomorrow night. 
I got to go sleep now, early class tomorrow. SIEN. 

alright, syok syok edited this photo. cool, cool cool cool.
OMG I'm Community deprived!
And also himym, big bang theory, modern family, vampire diaries, 90210, gossip girl deprived.
English series really have too long season breaks. -.- 

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