Wednesday, July 04, 2012


I think I haven't posted these photos. Currently, I'm in my so-called Vacation Room. haha how lame. Actually recently, like few weeks ago, we decided to paint the vacant room next to mine. 
So painted the walls blue, bought a bed, fixed a super quiet eco friendly air con and tada! It became the erm hang out room? haha. It's just kinda nice to chill in here. 

So okay, photos. Aunt came back from London not long ago for a short visit and as usual bought us goodies! yayy! There was a magnet, super cute I forgot to take a photo of it :/

Fitflop! super comfy! If I'm not wrong, there's not much of a price difference, it's still like 50-70pounds I think? but yeah aunt still likes to buy stuff for everyone. :D

and some samples.
the awesome thing about other countries is that they have samples for almost all skincare, makeup and such. how niceeee!

and of course not forgetting chocolates!

and tada! adding this to my camera necklaces collection! a vintage camera necklace!
Thanks to my cousin! :D <3

and okay a random pic of Nandos. hahaha :D 

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