Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Quick update: 
about 2 months ago, May 22nd I think, the Buffalo-ians came backk!
Alvin, Clement and also XunXian. No pics of xx here, he will appear in the next few. hee :D

The next day after they came back, all of them came to my house and chilled for a while and went to Nasi Kandar Istimewa for shisha. I don't shisha tho. haha

Alvin and Vanessa on Facetime.

Jan and YunXin

Clayton and Clement, the Long brothers.

I think this was the next day, we went to Gurney with In Nian (the blue one top right). He is a pilot. hahah. No matter where he goes, whenever they introduce him, it's really obligatory to mention he's a pilot. That's a cool job okay!

and we went for Meet Fresh at Gurney Paragon.
Seriously, I will never like eating all these stuff. lol although it's like the recent latest trend. Ice okay, but those  potato, yam, weird stuff. hmmmm. :/

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