Monday, July 30, 2012

Short Note

Just want to update a little here while in the midst of being busy blablabla.
So, as you guys know, my classes started already and assignments are coming. Keep them coming! NOT.
Also, for some reason I'm being extra inspired, motivated probably by the things I've been watching recently and feelings I felt about people around me. Been observing a lot as usual. haha.
Mum used to call me the super observant because I'm the type who spots mistakes in dramas and shows, sense people's mood.

Anyhow, life has been pretty colourful recently.
I'm still kinda lazy for schoolwork tho but hardworking for other stuff. lol lol.

Just now, I had lunch with ChunYang. sushi! awesome. Only took a pic with my phone which doesn't even look delicious. hahah. and went to find Jon and his girlf too.
I need to do my tax tutorials......... hmm........ haih...
Buckle up CY! :D

check out my tumblr if you want to.
I secretly run a pastel blog too. haha

I was stuck in a jam just now and was fiddling around with my fm modulator. I plucked it out and what surprised me was my fave korean song was playing instead with the modulator in my hand. I can't stop smiling because what a coincidence that the person plays korean songs and also set the modulator at the same frequency as me. HAHA lmao, then I tried to figure which car it came from. Finally I knew it was from the car in front of me. The songs kept playing I was enjoying myself so much hahha that car got good taste!

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