Wednesday, July 18, 2012


1. Lol! I realised that there are Inti Nuffnang ads on my blog. haha.

2. So, started class yesterday and we had tax class! Finally having one of our favourite lecturers, Mr Tan CK. However, tax is kinda like TAFE days so it's easy.

3. Law class was, uh huh, no comments, same law lecturer :/

4. Also, neighbour is doing renovations to their house and it's pretty crazy. Drilling, destructing, knocking, everything!! Every morning every afternoon oh my god. It's no joke I'm telling you, even my stairs handle were slightly vibrating when I touched it.
And I don't even need an alarm already. Thank you so much -____- blasting through my ears like crazy. HEADACHE.

5. Watching Witness Insecurity; kinda nice show :D

6. Also, I bought a new mint green casing from ChengYih's shop two days ago! Love it max!! pastel mint green totally my favourite pastel! Plus, it's has those shiny glitters on it, so lovely <3

7. oh yea, also spent a truckload of money to buy Second hand books. Second hand wei! other people's highlight in it. emo. Tax gonna cost like RM340, DA RM120 T_T and the list goes on. sigh.

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