Wednesday, August 22, 2012

120703 Farewell

okay, I know how OMG this is. lol. Lion was gone for like more than a month already and now here I am posting her pics. hahhaha. 
In fact, I'm whatsapp-ing her now in the group chat asking her to update her dead blog. lol lol.

Because this might be the last post I'm posting about her. I will add some introductory.
Lion aka Yee Ching with the most elegant/unique name among us in chinese 奕君.
She was my classmate ever since I was 18, so it's about 2 and a half years already.
She likes to draw weird random animal cartoons in my notes and likes Mayday more than anything in the world.
okay, if I write more, she's gonna think I miss her a lot. 
Maybe I do. HAHA

Here comes the pics! The complete set of photos are on facebook, I just picked some to be posted here. 

 Sushi time! RM2 Bonanzaaa

 the really excited and hyper Uncle McDonalds. 

 post this pic of Ailynn and Lion because nan de lion looks kinda cute. hahah

 Lion and I

 classmates classmates

 We had dim sum earlier during the day as a farewell of some sort. haha

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