Wednesday, August 29, 2012

120711 and 120715

*This is a scheduled post. When this post is up, I hope I'm actually studying instead of watching my series.....

Out of titles already for blog posts.
I don't know how time passes so fast seriously. lol. 

Random day when we decided to go have lunch at New World Park with Kel, Dillan, Daniel, Alvin and Jan. Daniel is pilot. even I'm unfamiliar with his name. lol lol

 Kelly Kel

Introducing Dillan de Vosse. He's a mixed. but the Holland blood kinda got diluted already. HAHAHA 

my sweet and sour chicken which tasted below my expectations T_T
then, on that weekend, we went to Coffee Island when part of the group went to the Elevate event at Pisa. 

Androids! Samsung Galaxy S, S2, S3. From grandpa to grandson. 
To be honest, nowadays less and less people are using iphones. 
lol or maybe the people I mixed with. not sure. Android rules.
The screen itself wins already. haha

 Didn't care about all the fats. That's why I'm still the size I am -__-

 Carlyn and I

 Carlyn and Kel. we laughed so much because this looked like those traditional wedding photos minus the traditional outfits.

Dillan, Kel and Jan.

Coffee Island!

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