Thursday, August 30, 2012

120712 Food Trip

*This is also a scheduled post. hahaha. I feel so happy for keeping my blog alive, and it's gonna be updated automatically almost everyday until second week of September. HAHA which I will have my mid term during that time. 

I forgot what this day was but anyway we went out as usual for food. and dragged Car and Kel along to this Nasi Kandar place. I forgot where is this already?!?!?!? I know it's far far away, near Tanjung Bungah.

 the couple.

 Jan taking photos of me. Which reminds me, there's still an ugly photo of mine in his phone -__-


 next stop, we went to Sri Ananda. Alv and Jan posing as Cle's bodyguard. Alvin's a natural, Jan.. is just Jan. HAHA

 CK model.

 they were talking about some disease or something. forgot d.

 Pilot and Jan. LOLLLL. this pic is so funny.
60s 50s style

 creeper Jan

 Kel's milk. He was craving for milk like everyday

 Pilot and a friend they met there. HAHAHHA I'm telling you, this photo is without any trick or whatsoever. It's like that in real life. LOL. In Nian is actually same height as me so 165cm. and this guy I think he's 190??! LOL 

 Alvin's Clement's mine. black watches rocks. Fossils and MK.


 we went to Straits Quay Tesco after that. LOL. no comments

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