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New York City Part 1

24 December 2011.

Finally, I'm writing about NYC! The Big Apple! 
After like 9 months? hahaha. I keep waiting for my inspiration and mood to come for this because I wanted to write properly and not just post photos with one sentence captions. I know if you ask me to re-write my whole two months in Buffalo. It's gonna be totally different for sure. haha

The reason I started blogging when I was 15 was because I want to read what I've done when I'm older and memories fail me. So yes, this post is important. Like those bloggers who write travel posts. so cool!

Was talking to my most loyal blog reader (hahahah!) Denise and she made me excited so I start writing now.
Good thing tho, cause now after so long and I really miss the city, I'm gonna edit and post more photos than those I posted on Facebook back then. Every photo is awesome. hahaha I hope I still remember the details tho :X

WARNING: This post is long, I unintentionally wrote a lot and post a lot of photos. So many exclusive photos that did not appear on Facebook. haha

Day 1!
The night before, we took the bus to NYC, we left at midnight, it was a super cold night, it wasn't snowing tho thank god, but it was freaking cold I remember that! Anyway, the bus was called Ocean Travel. It goes from Buffalo to Rochester to Syracuse then NYC. So I kinda slept through the whole journey. We stopped at a station or something and I got some snacks from the vending machine. I love USA's vending machines. They have all kinds of stuff in there. 

So then, we reached Chinatown at 7am or 6-ish. Surprisingly, NYC is not colder than Buffalo although both are in New York state. So we dragged our luggage and walked walked walked following XunXian, our appointed tour guide to the subway station and to the place we were staying. Near Wall Street, we stayed at Holiday Inn. It hit me that I didn't take any photos of the place we were staying at :O

Anyway, I kinda got a shock when I got in the subway cause I was expecting HongKong MTR condition, clean and fresh but okay this is Chinatown. So yeah. and I've read about NYC subways in books. Dangerous and dirty...  

That's UiTee, me and Caren. UiTee is imba, he survives with his hoodie and Abercrombie jacket. like really?! Look at my pong pong-ness. I wore thick thick thick underneath.

This is the Metrocard, I'm still keeping it. haha

Clement, UiTee and XunXian. We were waiting for Shihwing if I'm not mistaken. He was gonna bring us for dimsum. So we were waiting for him to reach this station.

 What is UiTee doing?

I like this pic, no idea why. Close to being an album cover. LOL
The Bronx is one of the most dangerous neighbourhood I think? That's what I heard. Rochester is dangerous too from what I heard. haha or they exaggerate?

Tumblr photo. Meaning it's a tumblr worthy photo if you have tumblr, you understand. haha. Cle and I are tumblr-ers so we have moments like, "tumblr photo"! or "time for tumblr!"

If you are wondering how to call divorce? it's actually typing the alphabets on your number keypad.  and the number that appears is your number In US, they very "heng" this kind of thing. lol.

So, Canal Street is in lower Manhattan. and it's a street in Chinatown.

I took so little pics of Chinatown on the first day :O
Hahaha I think I was just kinda dumbstruck because I thought I accidentally walked into HongKong seriously. Cantonese was like everywhere all over the place. LOL
and of course Asians. all asians.

 You can even see like chinese tuition centers with their half damaged signboard etc and like sweaters selling for $2 on the streets and fake perfume, fake replica bags, fake watches. LOL

This shop is always full, like always. Selling all the breads and stuff. and everyone screams cantonese in there. Headache for real. Crowded and noisy. but the buns were not bad. hehe :D

The police cars were everywhere. NYPD.
Finally, we had our first meal! dimsum and I forgot what's the name of this place. lol. fail as a blogger. haha
It's in Chinatown of course.
and some of them couldn't speak Cantonese. hahah they fail as Malaysians.

 Cle and Caren.

 Shihwing and UiTee


 There were a lot of these "We buy gold" on people around in Chinatown too. lol. can be seen everywhere.
After breakfast, we were headed to SoHo!
ShihWing suggested cause everyone knows I want to shop! :D
The sien part about shopping is, lack of photos. LOL. Too busy d seriously going in and out of shops. It's hard to carry a camera taking it out and putting it back into my bag :(
Oh and the wind and coldness kinda make it hard to take photos. numb hands :( x1000

 Haha why did we always walk like that. Weather is too cold for anyone to talk. So we just walked and walked.

 Presenting you SoHo! One of the shopping areas in NYC.
The pic above is Armani Exchange. I wanted to buy a 1991 tshirt but why I didn't? I don't remember already -.-

shops to shops. See Zara down the street? I bought a shirt there, I loved it so much but when we got back to the hotel, I saw stains on it. So I took it to 5th Avenue's Zara the next day, to change it but they don't have it there. devastated T_T so I just returned it :( To think of it, why didn't I try to rush back to SoHo? lol it's just subway here and there. duhhh. I think we were out of time. Too many places, too little time.

Urban Outfitters. One of the shops I go to frequently when I was there.
It sells really unique stuff but sometimes it's really pricey :(

 This is actually the basement. Consists of three floors if I remember correctly. Shops in NYC are so awesome because they are always more than one floor! It's like the building contains the whole shop! Not like normal malls.

 Because UiTee doesn't shop. yeah, you read it right. The rest of the guys became shopaholics after they went to US but UiTee is weird. He just doesn't buy things or see things. I tried persuading, trust me. He only bought one thing at the end of the whole trip. A new jacket.

 I wanted Herschel bags! Now Gurney has a store which sells Herschel bags too I saw.

 yep, this is what I meant when I said Urban Outfitters sell unique stuff. hahaha

 hi green domokun!

 omg my hair was so much shorter back then. hahah lol lol. the angmo behind photobombing my pic whyy.

 I didn't go to any Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch in NYC because I go to these two stores like every week in Buffalo. lol. But I should! I should have went to those in NYC! Regrets. Cause I got to know the stores there don't have sales so I didn't go and also because of the queue. Why people queue outside them? weirdness. go Buffalo please. hahahah

The next epic store in SoHo. Converse!
I was stunned by this. scroll down~

 the black shoes.

 yep, for real.
I bought my shoelaces there too for $2 or $1.50. That's when I realized that at that time, NYC doesn't charge tax for items bought below $55 because they didn't charge tax on my shoelaces! LOL. and that's when I regret why I bought so many stuff in Buffalo and paid so much tax. Should have came here to buy.

now, Uniqlo!

 all winter clothes promoting their heat technology in their clothes.

 then Lacoste.

 haha so cute wei.
I wanted to take photos of the streets but accidentally got this pic of this lady.

 outside Lacoste waiting for the boys.

okay, this post took me 1 and a half hour. hahahha
Next up I will write about that night and our dinner at Kenka. Stay tuned :D

I'm so happy to write about this honestly. hahahah.

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