Monday, August 27, 2012

Phone Pics

Warning: It's all jumbled up photos from over the past 2 months? I think. From my phone. 
Never thought there's so many random photos in my phone. lol lol.
and most of the photos are edited using the Picsplay Pro app (on Android only)
In my opinion, it's kinda the best app for editing photos on Android. 
Maybe cause I'm a photoshop person, this app lets me adjust the curves and brightness/contrast, colours AND even provide a lot of filters. 

Here we go. 

From my memory, this pic was the day I'm having my exam. hahah. It was all blue day. Jeans, shoes, hoodie, bag.

So, here's my school bag if you're wondering. Navy Blue Jansport. and no, I don't bring handbags to college. haha. 

this is the Etude House gradation nail polish thingy Helena bought for me. There's another silver one. Which is really pretty tooooo!

 Sister's ring :3

Remember I said I was having fever for a week months ago. hahahah Koolfever thingy.

 fringe is getting longgg. growing growing. I wish I have a smaller nose tho. Don't you think girls who are pretty usually have small noses? hahaha 

this was the night we went to watch Motorway.

 me me me. all my faces.

 this pic above has lip gloss and a little mascara on. hahahah
I wish I know how to make up better. Sometimes I kinda wonder how would I look like if I have a full-on make up. anyone wanna help me? hahaha
 not sure if I posted this? it's a Domokun in a bunny suit from Cle. love the tail. haha

One of the weekends with family.

 this was after club mcd. freaking 5am in the morning and all of us were so hungry.
wait, I think that was my first time in a Malaysia club. hahaha. if Mansion 69 is not considered a club. then yeah that was my first in Malaysia. The bouncer asked for my IC. weird. 
No one will think I'm below 18 right? loll.

 to Mois after Nueve.


I think I'm gonna write my first NYC post like finally. LOL 

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