Saturday, September 01, 2012

120721 Delicious

 this pic has nothing to do with Delicious. haha I just want to post it. Because I'm random just like that. hahahah. I feel like eating McD now while I'm typing this :S
 We had afternoon tea or high tea. either way you want to call it. 
and we talked for hours. Really. I think 4-5 hours if I remember correctly. hahahah
Denise and HuiYing were my high school friends and we had so much to catch up, especially I haven't seen HuiYing in a long long time while Denise and I just talk a lot everytime we meet. haha

 love love love <3
Yen Ni should have came!

okay WAIT OMG.
I was searching the last time I went to delicious on my blog and OMG I saw that the previous time I went to Delicious was July 22 2011, almost exactly 1 year ago I came back. hahhaha and I only went there twice. HAHA

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