Thursday, September 20, 2012


Being able to update blog on the day itself is bliss. haha. Today is such a long long long day.
First, I had class at 10am so I kinda dragged my tired body to school.
It was so hot and the glaring sun made me thought it won't rain. 
And probably for the first time this year I parked at lower basement aka the dungeon. Worse even, I didn't park IN the dungeon, I parked outside under the tree. The mud space. 

Then around 12pm it rained cats and dogs. So heavily, thunder blablabla. I was like Crap. MY LUCK.
I was so afraid my car was gonna get drown in a pool of mud because the rain was no joke. mad heavy.
So when class ended, all of us were going to Ai-Lynn's house to discuss our video presentation. I was like its over. my fitflops my car. 
I went to Ai-Lynn's car so she could drop me the closest possible to my car so I wouldn't have to run through rain and mud ponds. THEN, this. 

This red myvi was so inconsiderate. Blocked her car and we called her so many times she didnt pick up.
We didn't want to make our way back to level 2 to page her to come down so we asked Ken to find the receptionist. unfortunately, she went for lunch already. my god. we were so frustrated. 
LIKE PLEASE? If you know you are blocking someone's car and you left your number, please lah pay attention to your phone?!?!?! 
After some time, she called back and came down but by that time, we kinda gave up on waiting and took the umbrella to my car so I could drive us back to level 2 to get a guard or go to General Office of whatsoever. DUHHHH.

okay, then the story of another inconsiderate Inti-ian. so not only my car was in that mud pond under the tree. A purple viva parked behind my car blocking about 1/2 of my car back side. HELLO. I couldn't move at all. front got car, both sides got car and the cars were so close to me. After some struggling in out in out bit by bit, probably inch by inch -___- i managed to move out. wthell. pissed max. 
btw, I saw that the purple viva has its number plate broken half already, probably the result of the person's driving or something -__-

Anyway, Carlyn and Laykiew was already at her house waiting for both of us. madness. we wasted about 45minutes through all that crap and finally had lunch (thanks ailynn!) and got started on our discussion.
Halfway through, we got hungry, was about 4pm? we ordered Domino's Pizza. hahah mad happy.

 pizza and onion rings!

 during a short break, they went to play with Bowie. Ai-Lynn's dog. It's really cute. It's actually the dog that I'm not afraid most already but I still can't go near when it's out of the cage..
Maybe I will try touch to it tomorrow. Bowie is really cute. haha. I had a pic of it previously. will post it next time. 

they were touching the stomach. the paw. the nose everything. lol lol. 
I was standing at the far pillar... don't judge me. considered brave already. HAHA

 After all the crappy jam I got home and aunt delivered pizza! awesomeeeeeeeeeeee.
two pizzas in a day. LOLLL
I'm a pig.
Frankie pizza is so good! trust me! awesome awesome awesome.
it's thick and crunchy and cheesy creamy everything!

yep, one of the stairs to the dungeon. It was freaking scary cause in this pic you can't really see how fast the water current is. so we went to the other stairs instead. the pipe burst as you see. I guess the water flow was strong and big. lol. madhouse.