Tuesday, October 02, 2012

120812 Sushi Zento

It was a random day when the whole family was in a good mood to drive far to eat. Usually we don't, cause no one wants to go through weekend jams etc unless we have to pick sister up from Gurney then no choice. haha.
We decided to try Sushi Zento at Precint 10. hmmm not one of the best jap food we had. 
I didn't realize that we have jap food so often until friends told me that I always post japanese food on instagram. lol lol.

 Nueve and Soho during evening.

 tofu! like!

teriyaki chicken!

 Garlic rice and salmon fried rice.
Mum and sister thought that they were too salty but it was okay for me. haha

 this was awesome. idk what's this called!

 this is nice tooooooo!

my beautiful mint green case. Now it's dirty already :(

this purple sweater I got it from Forever21 to replace my previous white one that was lost together with the lost luggage. Despite my efforts, trying to replace everything possible, no, the emptiness is still there. I couldn't find my favourite checkered shirt anymore. 

Alrighty, this will be scheduled for next few days. Gonna go sleep now!

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