Friday, October 05, 2012

120814 Apartment Party

They organised an apartment party/stay at Golden View Service Apartment. 
It was pretty much a night of drinking and playing games. There were a lot of crazy photos at the end of the day but I'm not gonna post them all here. LOL. I wasn't the one taking the photos later at night so I got a shock too. haha messy photos like some of the guys knocked out on the bed. Very messy table with potato chips and drinks etc etc etc. 

Jan and Clement with Vania and Nikki!

Alvin and I

the trios.

Vania and I

 haha gif image!

Alvin was dead.

sleeping beauty

Jan also down

Andrew, Wei Jun, Daniel and I

I got bored and sat on the floor and started taking selcas. 

I wasn't drunk. It's just that I go red with only few sips of alcohol so yeah. redd. 

Card game.

I love these photos. hahaha

Just to show you this app on my phone. 美人相机。 haha so blingified and fair. 

Alright the end. haha fun night nevertheless I guess. :)

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