Monday, October 08, 2012

120823 Matterhorn Burger

Finally! Internet is working properly so I can blog. I wanted to blog last night but blogger page wouldn't load. My Tumblr, Youtube and Twitter kept showing me "Webpage is not available". It was so frustrating! 

Back to the post here, it's all about the Matterhorn burger at Euro Deli.
It was Jon's idea. He wanted to try it and I was like okayy let's see how big it is. We had to order it few hours before we go. So Jon and Jnie picked me and Melissa and off we went to Gurney Plaza. 
We reached on time and we had to wait for the burger. So we took a lot of photos. haha and when the burger came out, we took photos again. Because how many times in your life will you see such a big burger.

The taste was alright, it's not like amazingly tasty but it's a very big big big burger kind of tasty. Okay, I make no sense. Anyway, the meat became too "jilat" after that, probably too much?! :S
It was good to try at least once, but no, I'm not gonna eat that again. It wasn't cheap either. The amount came up to about RM118 (if my memory did not fail me) for only the burger after service charge and everything. 

Alrighty! Pictures time!

Jon's cute polaroid!

 My oxfords.

Melissa and Jnie

Melissa and I! 

 Just to show you how THICK the burger is.

 the insides. lol

 comparing with a glass. comparing with my hand. 

 mint green nail polish from Nature Republic.


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