Tuesday, October 09, 2012

120904 Tom Yam Mee

I was trying to find more photos to make this blog post longer but there's no random photos on my computer at the moment and my phone photos are too messy I can't handle it right now. hahaha

I remember on this day, we were so spontaneous. Straightaway heading to Asia Cafe for Tom Yam Mee after class. and it was really tough luck. When I was about to go home from the hill, it was so freaking jam the cars were not moving at all. I hang around Carlyn's house until later at night only managed to go home. Soon to realize that there was a bus kinda like hit into the mountain. Honestly, no idea how, cause the bus was facing the wrong direction. Ah, anyways, accidents. 


 and mine. Mine always consists of sausages, meat balls, veggie and eggs. Now while typing this, I'm seriously craving for it again T_T

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