Thursday, October 11, 2012

120908 & 120912 Two Birthdays

This post will be really long and image-heavy. Decided to combine two classmates' birthdays into one post.
The pictures will do the talking :D

First, it was Ken's birthday.We went to Azuma because he just couldn't decide where to eat, then I simply said Azuma and oh well, no one opinions. hahaha

the birthday cake. 21.

 tada~ we always tease him about being the only guy among girls but it has been like that ever since diploma days years ago. Not many guys take accounting and yeah. 90% girls in class. He's more like our sister hahahahha lol ol.

Next up, we have *drum rolls* LayKiew's birthday at Via Pre, an Italian Restaurant.  I don't eat spaghetti so I ordered the chicken thingy, so expensive and so small piece :/ I guess that's what happen going to restaurants like this. small small chicken. but luckily there's the birthday cake!

I think there's no need for captions for all the pics above. hahaha.
Now, the pics below were taken at Ai-Lynn's house because we gathered there before going to Via Pre.

 Ai-Lynn, Me and Sheralyn.

 not forgetting Bowie. Bowie has so many pictures in my phone I really need to clear them out one day and show you guys. haha

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