Friday, November 02, 2012

120924 Video Presentation

EXAMS ARE OVER! FOUR MONTH HOLIDAY NOW! I can't believe it. lol. really, how time flies?!
Hopefully, when this post is published, I'm out buying things on my wishlist. me and my on going wishlist. too many things to buy. 


This day feels so distant now. It was our last day filming our video presentation and fortunately, Ai-Lynn and I finished our part with my mum's help the day before so we could relax and easily help film for the other two. If not imagine the tiredness and everything. 
While filming for the video presentation, the biggest problem was noise. You would be surprise how hard is it to find a place with no one talking and making noises around. 
At that time, I thought voice over would be unnatural but after finished producing the video, we felt that Ai-Lynn's and my part were really noisy with cars, lorries sound pollution and therefore we did the voice over and my god, we felt so awesome because it looked exactly like it came out of our mouth. loll. 
If only we knew that, we would have saved so much time earlier.

Anyway, so we went to straits quay for our final filming.

  It started to rain after a while hence the pic with wet floor below.

 I went home feeling happy, took some photos on pudding camera. I wish pudding camera gives me more time to get ready. LOL LOL. the four shots really make you go panic sometimes. No idea how SNSD look great in all four everytime. yep, they use pudding camera a lot. hee. 

oh, this was from the first day? or second day? of video filming. Everyone was worn out grumpy. 

Then, here you have me. my faces. 
Btw, my point is look how the edits can change the mood of a photo. 
I can make a tutorial on photoshop actions if anyone ask me to? lol. 
the awesomeness is too awesome not to share. I know there are a lot of filters apps on the phones but I still like processing photos on photoshop, bigger, clearer, higher definition and quality. 

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