Friday, November 23, 2012

Matthew Green tweeted me!

I know you probably think I'm crazy being excited over this, but the author of the book I'm reading right now tweeted me! I didn't even know he has a twitter. It was because I recommended this book to a friend and he probably is tracking his own book title. 
OMG It's like the most surprising thing that has ever happened. haha

Matthew Green- Memoirs of An Imaginary Friend is the book title. Mum actually read it first then she asked me to read. It's so niceee and I'm almost done with the book already, taking my sweet time to read before I sleep. 

His real name is Matthew Dicks btw.
I swear if one day Jodi Picoult or Cecelia Ahern or Sarah Dessen or James Patterson talks to me, I won't be sitting here so calmly typing already. hahahah


Mona said...

Sounds exciting, I like that authors are more in touch with their fans through social media. Are you by any chance a user of Goodreads? I love it, and use it to track all my reading.

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

Yes I'm a user of Goodreads! haha