Saturday, November 17, 2012


These are actually photos from my phone. Once in a while, when I have the mood, I will clear the photos from phone to computer and it still amazes me how much junk there is. LOL.

So, all these photos will be random photos from the past few months. There will be a lot of me, because well, phones.. selca...

Not too long ago, at Kitschen.

 Nicholas and I. haha 

 when studying. snacks. that's why during exam, fat. zz

!! I saw this like few weeks ago. Kenneth Cole watch. look at the black one! Exactly same like mine righttt.
My Kenneth Cole where I bought at Century21 in New York City for, if I'm not wrong, less than RM100. It's selling for RM360 I think or 350. 
Don't take me wrongly, not that I mean Kenneth Cole is cheap or whatever. Century 21 sells branded stuff at a super discounted price. but still, shocking and I felt so syok. haha it's mad heaven and mad crowded, too heavenly that I forgot to take pics. I realize that I didn't take pics of any departmental store, always go crazy in those places. 

 my latest shoe. like paddington bear. from taobao. probably my first yellow shoe? hahha

for when I was having my manicure.

 well, lunchbox, to eat in the car in the parking lot of Inti before class. yep, school days. haha

the snacks in class. haha

another lunch box. 

 hehe my spongebob lunchbox.

 groceries shopping with mum. best. because that's when we can refill our ice cream and potato chips and cookies. wheeee

someone tell me what to do with my long fringe? I never had fringe this long and it irritates me so much, it won't go sideways like normal girls' hair. Probably cause my hair is forever dead straight flat. :/ howw. 

in class. doing stupid things. haha

 those were the days when the rain never stopped. 
dress up all warm to class. lol

 yep groceries shopping. crap, why am I hungry now while typing this. zzz

Last but not least, Brett Davern and my koko krunch. 

Part 2 coming up, one post can't contain all my phone pics. LOL

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