Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Results came out just now and I'm satisfieddd! Very!

I thought I messed up my essays for Decision Analysis but luckily it's not THAT bad.
Thanks to my higher than usual assignment/presentation/mid term marks this semester for all subjects, I got  High Distinction for all my subjects!! :DD Now I need to work harder during the last semester so I can graduate with high distinction okayyy. Curtin don't have the first honors thingy :/

I'm always afraid to be too happy over my results in case someone out there is sulking, gotta be considerate. LOL. but still happy! I got really really high for my tax it's so unreal. hahha tax just broke my highest marks record. favourite favourite!

Here's a new song from Infinite's leader, his solo, the guy in red hair. I'm not like a fan of Infinite but this MV caught my reaction because of L. So adorable. look at him. haha. and this Music video is so confusing, don't even understand what it means and still I refuse to accept the top commentor's explanation. hahaha

Update: YESSSS! I knew that stupid future, psychic explanation about this music video is wrong. It's simple, L saw his ex-gf and went into the coffee shop, she didn't see his face once so did not recognize him. He thought about their happy past and their break up so he left the ring. The girl was shocked to see him and see thought about how they first met (the raining umbrella scene), and then she cried thinking about it and L left.

SEE, so much more rational. hahaha crap I'm so obsessed with the truth/real story that's why I really dislike magic shows, show and not telling is stupid. I want to know! hahaha.

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