Thursday, December 20, 2012

121210 Good Times

Firstly, two random photos. One of me, another one is my sister's EXO badge which is so exquisite. I swear if we go to an EXO fanmeet or something, we will shine, she got herself EXO rings and necklace as well. 

This is what we saw outside Material at Gurney. I wonder how legit is this, like when are they gonna send? I'm still using to send myself future letters tho. haha


Sister, mum and I at Piknik for dinner. I wanted them to try the Waffle Salmon. hehhe :D

then, we went next doors for Love bites Love Toast. So full, so much bread so much toast. loll. 
For me, it's not really worth the price. too pricey for bread ice cream and some crusts.

its insides.. haha

oh, and we had lunch at Nandos and made our Nandos card :D

the garlic bread is not bad! new on the new menu. wedges too!

and, showing you my sister's nails. lol she's on holidays hence a lot of time to finally paint her nails almost every two days. LOL.

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