Monday, December 24, 2012


It's Christmas eve already, and it is also my very much appreciated off day from work. 
My workmates were jealous that I have eve off but it's just pure luck because my off day happens to be on Mondays. Hence, New Year Eve will be another off day too. 

I woke up with really tired eyes and a heavy head. Christmas has always been my favourite day of the year but idk since when it started becoming a day where I get disappointed more than getting the actual excitement that I have been anticipating. Sometimes, you will never get what you expect nor what you want. Effort sometimes doesn't pay off but at least you know that you tried your best and have no regrets. 

How can a year come and go so fast, soon enough it will be 2013 already. If you ask me to list the things I've done this year, well, it's not as empty as last year. However, it hits me that no matter how tough things are/were, or how much pressure you've been through, at the end of the day, it all still passes by. Happiness, unhappiness, feelings just became another part of your memory and history. 

Life keeps going on and I believe there will come a day when you realize that all those seemingly distant past actually matters and make who you are today. Dreams and hopes will be realized or some will be shattered. Anyhow, it is all meant to be someday. And I hope that that day will come soon. While waiting, I guess I just have to keep going, keep moving and live with what I have. 

This is like an end year post but I'm so in the mood of writing right now. 
I will stop here. My apologies for this emotions filled post. lol.

To be honest, I have this two sided feelings about me working part time now. On one hand, it's pretty amazing to be able to earn so much money but on the other hand, I feel frustrated with the fact that I don't have time for myself. I wanted to write book reviews, movie reviews, handle my various blogs, spend more time with family, sleep on my bed more. lol. ah. time is a precious thing. 

oh well, Merry Christmas. May everyone be happy!

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