Thursday, December 06, 2012


Today sucks so bad I feel the need to write it down.

It was pretty awesome at first, when I watched my shows then watched Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 and had quite a happy morning.

Then, before going to work, while walking down the kitchen stairs. I sneezed, had an illusion that there was an extra step, and that split second I actually knew I was wrong but it was too late, I fell straight to the marble floor. Skin was scraped, knee is swollen now, (wasn't swollen then), and the joints connecting my palm and my hand is swollen all day too.

It hurts more now, after I got home from work. Hence the emo nemo feelings :(  Can't walk properly. It's like every once in a while, I have to walk like a disabled.

When a pig like me falls, the impact is big -__-

As to why I sneezed and caused this series of unfortunate events, I'm still sick and it didn't get better, instead it got worse. Probably because I still have to go to work everyday, air con, not enough rest, stand all day long, dusty, dirty. You would think shops are clean, nahh. the dust all appears when you vacuum at night. Oh, and if you work, the food you get are obviously unhealthy. lol mall food hello.

Unfortunate event no.2: I scratched my Kenneth Cole watch today. emo. too tired to explain what happened but it was an accident -.- now, I'm gonna just wear some cheap watches to work, that's it.

Sigh, I'm so not in the mood right now. I was supposed to watch Romantic and The Idol tonight instead I was too busy coughing, dealing with my stupid blocked nose, damaged knee, and future employment forms blababla. Should I like stop working and enjoy my holidays?
It's like my last holiday as a student is gonna be gone! :(

p.s. If you wanna see some beauty faces, go here:

A photo of Jac and Frida. my current wallpaper.

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