Sunday, December 09, 2012

New York City Part 2

Finally, Part 2 is here! 
It's still the first day at NYC, Christmas Eve! 

So, continuing from the previous post, we had lunch at Jaya Malaysian Restaurant in Chinatown where Johnny was there working. Those boys were craving for Malaysian food and almost ordered everything on the menu like seriously. loll.

 look at all the food!

 group photo! ShihWing, HuiMin, Caren, Clement, Me, XunXian, UiTee.

 haha XunXian tipping off UiTee's hood.

Johnny and XX

 empty subway ride. 
We finally went back to check in at the Holiday Inn. Two beds so one guy had to sleep on the floor. They took turns. haha

 The mirror is like in such an awkward position sometimes had to climb on the bed to look into the mirror. haha
I think we rested and watched some tv before we head out again, everyone was super tired. If only I knew to go to Century21 at that time. loll. which is within walking distance only from the hotel. I would have had so much more time shopping!

 that's me. lol

Xunxian's shoes.



We had dinner at Kenka, a Japanese restaurant at Saints Mark Place.
We actually went there twice. haha for some reason, they like that place and a lot of friends go there when they go to NYC. The food was not bad if I remember correctly. hee :)

The best part, we get to make our own cotton candy! Still can't figure out how cotton candy is made out of those tiny powder things. Don't understand? Photos below!

crowded with people, some even had to queue outside. That's how packed the place is. 
There was a guy working there who looks like a Japanese fighter/ninja or whatever you call that. haha

 the menu

 please look at the Kenka Special menu. LOL. just read. 
the red/white words below the japanese words.

Asahi beer which was cheap. super cheap.

Caren and I

 Caren, me, Clem, XunXian

 one of it has wasabi in it, so we took our chance and try one each. I forgot who was the "lucky" person already. lol lol



 the cotton candy I made!!! 
from the machine outside, every customer can make it on their own

 I still remember it was super cold outside and we kept posing with our cotton candy. haha

 there. this is the powder thingy I said, just pour it into the machine and use the wood chopstick to round it into a big big cotton candy!

 met the new friend Carles!

The day was not over yet, we went to Timesquare and a club after for Christmas. haha Will be posted in the next post which I have no idea when I will update. lol!
I wish I took more pictures seriously. I swear if I go on a vacation again, I will capture every single thing because at that time, you might think it's normal, nothing is special but when you miss the place, every single picture means something. haha

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