Saturday, December 22, 2012


Other than the Picsplay pro app on my phone for photo editing, I also use the Pixlr-o-matic app. Recently, they released an even better version, Pixlr express. Even better, like the previous , it has a website too
It's a web photo editor, so convenient! haha
There you go!
I love the vignette effect the most. haha.

Also, today is really awesome. While working, met a korean little boy and his mum, both of them were conversing in korean but without realizing I totally understood what they were speaking. It hit me after that and I got super excited! I quietly followed them to the fitting room and stood behind to listen again. Amazingly, I understood them again!
It's like I don't understand every single word but I'm able to know what they mean. lol don't know how to explain. but still proves that years of watching korean shows and dramas every single day actually meant something. lol lol. 

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