Thursday, December 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II

dumdumdidum. tadaaaa!
New phone. Samsung Galaxy Note II.
It's not very much different from my Samsung Galaxy S2, just super fast, the s pen and the super big screen. So there's nothing new needed to get used to.

And it makes me sad because I wish I can draw well. I now am only capable of drawing stick figures -.- to express my artistic side. well, I can't draw :/
Anyway, what makes me sadder is that Line Pop progress couldn't be transferred to new phone. I was reset back to level 1 with 0% bonus so I ditched the game already -___-

Happy side, getting to read my ebooks on a way much bigger screen. It doesn't really fit my hand tho or I'm just not used to it. imho, S2 is the best palm fitting phone already.

Android is the best. period.
I can give you a thousand reasons. Exaggerating but you get me. I don't hate iPhones but I really personally prefer a phone that can do everything and shortcuts and widgets everywhere. I need conveniency and efficiency.

Alright. that's it for now. I owe my blog so many updates. I doubt I have time until my next off day which is new year eve. Till then.

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