Monday, December 03, 2012


Sadly, I'm down with sickness. Flu at first but this morning I woke up with a sore throat as well. While typing this, my nose is blocked. The reason I blog now is because my co-workers mentioned my blog and I thought alright, update it. hehehe.

So, my job is not to say an easy job. It's temporary until my classes start but it really did take up all my free time :/ Six days a week and I gotta stand all day. I previously told myself I would not stand stand stand for jobs because I have serious backache, shoulder ache and my legs hurt. but since the pay is okay, oh well. I consider myself got used to standing already tho it still hurts a little sometimes.
But yesterday I almost died because standing while being sick is too muchhhh. Today too. :( So glad to have tomorrow off.

I'm gonna show off the phone casing my sister made for me. DIY. with the materials she bought from taobao. Everything is so cheap and yet I saw really similar cases selling for RM100 at Queensbay -__-

And now I'm watching Asia's Next Top Model. It's so zzzz. seriously, ughh. no comments. lol.

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