Thursday, January 17, 2013

121231 New Year's Eve

Note: Selling my Canon 450D for RM850 (negotiable), good condition. 
Reason for sale: upgrade lens. 
Contact me on facebook.

Finally updating the new year's eve post. hehe.
I should have written some 2012-is-over-too-soon kind of posts but oh well. lol. It's mid-January now already anyway. I spent my new year day working but had a day off on eve. 

Spent the day with sister, cousin Sabrina and my mum. 

her instagram: chialynn

many selcas coming up. lol lol.
We had Chilis for lunch.

sister and I


Cousin and I

my camera necklace. favourite Forever21 sweater, Hollister navy skirt and Tommy Hilfiger bag. Not forgetting my red sneaker wedges! going for the navy/red look. hahahah

I know I write too little. haha but don't blame me, no inspiration. Probably when I stop this super tiring part time job in February then my blog will be super active. 

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