Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I Got A Boy

Girls' Generation finally went back to Korea with the new album 'I Got A Boy'!
The dance teaser made me so hyped up and today the music video got released.
Then now, they released their comeback special show on MBC with the performance and special performances like Tiffany singing Call Me Maybe and SeoHyun singing Speak Now.
Also, I super loveeee the Marry You special featuring EXO. haha go look up on Youtube.

Back to the main point. I Got A Boy is so awesomeee. So different from their usual style. This just proves how versatile and flexible they are. They pull it off so well. I want their shoesss, their caps and jackets! so freaking cool!

Here's the performance:

and the music video:

and since it's past 12 now. Happy birthday sister!

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