Friday, January 18, 2013

One Hundred Names

One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern. The most recent published book of hers.
I just finished reading it a day ago.
To be honest, it wasn't what I expected tho. It could be more magical I guess but somehow it felt like just a really long story that didn't touch my heart. lol. It's so rare that I don't feel her book as magical.
Her books are always magical, unpredictable and different. Especially A Place Called Here, The Book of Tomorrow, The Gift, If You Could See Me Now, Thanks for The Memories. and uh huh, I didn't mention P.S. I love you, her most popular book I guess, because for some reason that book didn't reach out to me in a way. lol. The movie too :/

I finished quite a number of books some time ago but I never really written anything on my blog. Today, weirdly inspired. lol.

So, One Hundred Names is about the main character in the book, Kitty who after some low parts in her life, found a list of one hundred names, listed by her mentor/ passed away editor of magazine. No description nothing, just names. Then, she set out to find them and learn about their stories.
That's all I can tell you now. haha no spoilers.
Unless you've read all her books before, I wouldn't recommend you to start with this book. You gotta feel her magic from her other books first! haha

Now, I'm having a hard time deciding which book to read next. If you saw my Goodreads to-read list, bliss but also too many books, too little time. lol.
I will probably write more about other books I've read.
I don't think many of my blog readers read books? not sure tho. lol. I will write anyway. haha

oh wait! not forgetting to thank Aaron for getting this book for me in ePub. 

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