Saturday, February 23, 2013

130208 CNY Reunion Dinner

Simple early reunion dinner at grandma's place. Mum's side. I love these dinners the most because it is super rare to meet all cousins at the same time though we meet each other quite frequently. 

Just some food photos to show ya!

 the best! tempura prawns!

 my aunt cooks the best tomyam. well, apart from Raja Uda. hahaha. 
and I ate all the chicken balls. Ha!

 Salmon! *points below

 sister and I

 cousin and I
We got super excited for a moment when she was working with me and we realized that my sister, her and I were from the same high school and now we are all in the same college. hahaha

 I first started drawing a stick figure, just to show them how the S pen works on my phone. Then my sister added the clothes. We coloured and drew some more. All together. Turns out it's cute. haha

then the very random me decides to show you a random photo. lolll

Wanted to buy that green sweater. but nope, too many sweaters already. emooo. I seriously should move to cold countries. I enjoy wearing warm clothes and be all tumblr-ish warm-ish sweater-ish but the weather always don't allow me to! Hence, I like going to air conditioned places. HAHA

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