Sunday, February 24, 2013

130211 Family Time

Old Town with mummy and sister!

Then we head over to one of my mum's close friend house to visit her cute little kids. It will be in the next post. 
After that, we went to aunt's house at night. To have a little CNY reunion again.

They took out a lot of photo albums and I saw a lot of photos I have never seen before. lol. I can't stand myself. hahaha
spot me? lol. omg I was such a mushroom. standing in between two of my best kindy friends. (I'm the one in yellow shorts) Problem is, I only remember the name of one of them... :X Help me find the other one? The boy in white?

Cousins and I and our aunt. I think you know which one is me. loll. In red.

Then, here I am in my very boyish girl phase. hahaha. 7 years old. Don't know whose birthday is that we were celebrating. lol. Everyone is holding balloons and I hold another extra thing, a gun. LOL.

My sis and cousin in the car. It's actually drive-able. How cool is that huh? haha. and look at the red one behind, that's me. I think it's a bad picture, how did I get caught walking like that? LOL

My sister has such a round face back then. How it transformed? No idea. I know I'm stuck with that round face.

Yeah, that round small mushroom is my sister.

Here's my cousin and I. Look at the little me, wearing varsity jacket when I was 2.

Cousin's new ASUS tablet-laptop. It's like those in Korean dramas. detachable keyboard and screen.

If you think it's the end of my childhood photos? Nope! hahah here's me at 1 year old! Look at that face! lol whuttttttt. haha

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