Thursday, February 28, 2013

130212 A Vacation I Needed

Day 1

My uncle and aunt came back to Penang for Chinese New Year and I thought why not I follow them go back to KL and take a flight back myself. I needed this vacation/trip so much because I felt like I did not enjoy the holidays I should have since I was working so much for months. 
Sister tagged along because I wanted her to be my shopping companion/photographer. hahaha

The journey was so bad because it jammed so badly when we were near Ipoh. Basically, I slept, woke up, slept, read some books, slept, eat and we still aren't there yet. But to my absolute delight, I love love love my uncle's new car! The Mazda CX5. I have always loved cars that are higher.

Here's a picture of my sister and her gradient red hair before we were leaving grandma's.

 There's nothing to do. Hence I present you pictures I took in the ride.

 We were stuck in the jam here for quite a while....

After very godly long hours, we finally arrived at my uncle's house.
And to no surprise, they always make us feel at home. See, my aunt decorated and placed the furniture and stuff just for us to sleep in for the week.
Okay, oh my god, which just reminded me, I did not take a photo of their living room, kitchen and reading corner. Their house is really comfy and pretty. gahh. next time alright.

 Instantly fell in love with the rainbow bedsheet.

After we did some unpacking and freshen up, we went to Empire Shopping Gallery at Subang because it's near us and we wanted to have dinner and rest after the tiring long ride. 

We had Chilis.

 Buffalo spicy sauce chicken wings. or something like that. I miss Buffalo Wild Wings :'(

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